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Makes Life Easy

Ice cold protein shakes convenience and fast from our PRO-SHAKE machine.

After many years of development, we achieved that all the commercially available protein powders can be dosed through our machine.

Patented Technology and Design

After a long period of development, with particular regard to our mixing and dispensing system (patented) and our cold soluble milk mix powder we started the production of this high-tech equipment.

  • 5 product containers (7300 cm3).
  • Milk or Water based drinks.
  • Self-cleaning system, adjustable 1-4 hours.
  • Closed mixer system, less dust.
  • High capacity drip tray with level sensor.
  • Refillable product container from the top of the machine.
  • Door security switch.
  • Cup holder for cups up to 190 mm high.
  • 10.1″ LCD display - Protected with tempered glass H9 (sapphire hardness), uploadable by your own slideshow ads, publicities and news.
  • Internal Display and Keyboard for programming and to counters.
  • ″Zero Waste″ - Strong and fast mixer motors (13600 rpm).
  • Maintenance-free dry cooling unit Class A++.
  • Highest quality components.
  • Each shake is counted and stored, consequently accessible through different interfaces.
  • Your customer will enjoy always the same great taste of your shakes.
  • Highest hygiene.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • This unique device will boost your sales.
  • Quick and simple operation. 20sec/drink.
  • For 500 Protein shakes with milk, you usually need 150l of milk. NOW, with your special milk mix powder, you need only 8 kg to carry and store.
  • Consider the storage and delivery advantages!
  • Filtered water supply.
  • LED lighting for the cups holder.
  • National/International service network.